SPEAKing Coach


As the Director of Speaker’s Globe, I have the distinct privilege of leading an institute that has been a labor of passion and purpose since its inception in 2019. My role extends far beyond just a job; it’s a calling to empower individuals to become confident, articulate, and impactful communicators.

My vision for Speaker’s Globe is to create a haven for aspiring speakers, a place where they can hone their public speaking skills and find their authentic voice. I am dedicated to providing top-notch training and resources, equipping our students with the tools they need to excel in a world where effective communication is paramount.

Every day, I work with a team of dedicated trainers and educators who share in this mission. We inspire our students to overcome their fears, refine their speaking techniques, and craft compelling messages. It’s a journey of transformation, where individuals discover their hidden potential and emerge as influential speakers.

My responsibilities encompass not only the curriculum and teaching methodologies but also the overall growth and development of Speaker’s Globe. From strategizing marketing campaigns to fostering partnerships, I am committed to expanding our reach and impact.

I take great pride in the success stories of our alumni, knowing that our institute has played a pivotal role in their personal and professional growth. It’s an honor to witness individuals blossom into confident, persuasive speakers who can captivate, inspire, and lead.

My role as Director is a testament to my unwavering commitment to the art of public speaking and the belief that effective communication has the power to change lives. Speaker’s Globe is not just an institute; it’s a platform for dreams to take flight, and I am privileged to be at its helm, guiding that journey to success.

“This world owes you nothing! It is up to you to make the most of your life! Stop expecting things from a world that owes you nothing!” EL