Esperance is a well sought after International Speaker. She has spoken for numerous events within and out of Africa. Her most recent engagements noted below

Speaker; Old Mutual Women’s Summit, Panelist and performer 

Wibena Impact Conference, Panelist alongside Prof PLO Lumumba 

Key Note Speaker; Phoenix Med Ed Conference 2020

Speaker ; Old Mutual Master Class “Your personal blueprint to self actualization”

Dr Luvindao is ecstatic to continue her speaking career around Africa and the world to motivate, inspire and reconstruct the african narrative. To tell the African tale from the mouth of a young determined African woman and to arrouse a certain level of discontentment in Africans and the reality that we have built for oursleves, our health and our future generations.

“I am convinced that there is nothing that a well spoken person cannot do. I can sell bread to a bread factory. not because I am a specialised salesperson, but because I understand that our world is made of words. Our actions are defined by words. If I can say the right word at the right time, I can get you to believe in yourself, I can get you to reconstruct your belief system and I can get you to dream again” EL

Dr Luvindao has completed her qualification in public Speaking from the University of Rochester, New York, and now travels around the world inspiring and changing lives. 

Dr Luvindao is currently taking bookings for speaking engagements for 2021. 

Speaking Engagements 2021

“You will run and you will get tired. That is a given. But You can never give up, that is a fact!” EL