Poetry has been my artistic refuge since the age of thirteen, influenced by literary giants like Shakespeare and Robert Frost. Recognition came with my inclusion in the UK Young Writers Anthology, catalyzing a commitment to international platforms. At sixteen, I defied norms with my first one-man show, advocating for poetry’s significance in the arts. In 2018, I commercially released a poetry album in Africa. My performances span Zimbabwe, South Africa, the United States, and more.

In the U.S., I not only showcased my art but also participated as a panelist in the Ujima Poetry Reading and Panel Discussion alongside esteemed poets.Evolution defines my art. While capable of diverse themes, I’ve honed my focus on African change and development, addressing social issues globally. My repertoire covers love, politics, health, poverty, and more, adapting to various tasks and demands.

Luvindao featured by Tommy Hilfiger, alongside WizKid

“Failure does not mean you are a failure, you need to learn to fail, because if you don’t, when you do, it will destroy you” EL